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Every menu is 3 course meal, and every menu is 9 Euro. Why is it so cheap?

Our restaurant is open 20:00-24:00. YOU DO NOT PAY for the late opening.

The raw materials are freshly introduced. YOU DO NOT PAY for the due to storage.

We know, how many doses we cook. YOU DO NOT PAY for the  unnecessarily purchased raw materials.

The same menu is chosen by more people, so it is cheaper to prepare each serving. YOU DO NOT PAY for for unique curiosities.

We have the most practical furniture. YOU DO NOT PAY for the expensive equipment.

We do not have live music, so YOU DO NOT PAY for the live band.

Fast serving. Due to the short waiting time, we serve more guests than any other restaurant.

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Our food is delicious, because…

We choose each raw material ourselves. We always try to use the finest and healthier raw materials. Our cooks make home-made flavors in the food, so you may feel like you are at a party with a well-cooked friend.

The portions are abundant because…

We are happy, if you leave with satisfaction, and with full of stomach. You can not stay hungry at us, even you are a child, or a great appetite for a head of household. Every single dose is abundant, just like at your grandmom’s , but you finish your plate, as much as you wish. If you come from an all day sightseeing, you will need an energy replacement. If you go out to party, after dinner, you can party all night long, you won’t get knocked out of the first drink, because your stomach is full of delicious food.

Our restaurant is practical and safe.

We think that, you would like to see as much as you can, of this beautiful city, Budapest. That’s why it’s our job to make a quick and practical dinner for you. Every menu is 3 course meal. Every menu is 9 Euro. Depending on the description of the food and the opinions of others, you can pre-select which menu you have requested. You do not need a foreign language menu to be read immediately and locally. By prescribing of what time you’d like to eat, we can prepare for your bet. That’s why you don’t have to wait long with an empty stomach.

You can only pay for us on the internet, at the time of booking, with a card. We do not handle cash.

Even in other major cities in the world, there are restaurants in Budapest too, that over billing tourists. Your safety is very important to us. Our system is predictable and unattractive.